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“Thank you for the thorough home inspection report. I appreciate the detail, snapshots, and concern that you give each individual.” – D. Turberville


“Your expertise certainly was helpful in our home purchasing decision. I would highly recommend your service to anyone I know who might be considering buying a home.” – V. Richardson


“Your inspection report is very thorough and professional. We are very pleased with your services.” – R. G. Dunning


“Thank you for your prompt, efficient and comprehensive inspection of the house at ***** Drive. Yours is a valuable service and I compliment you for it.” – W. H. McDonald


“Although we could never afford to pay you for your ‘worth” as the competent person you are… just wanted you to know that we are honored by your integrity.” – L. Snipes & family

“I was very pleased with the service I received.” – D. Stewart, 4-7-16

“It was a great experience!... This is our 6th home purchase and you were our best inspectors.” – B. Long, 8-24-16

“The thoroughness of the inspectors was deeply, deeply appreciated. I would highly recommend to others and would certainly use again in the future.” – S. Miller, 9-21-16

“If I were to buy a new house in the area, I would not hesitate to use Home Check again.” – T. Collar, 9-21-16

“Thank you again for your detailed and professional inspection. You came highly recommended from a recent client *********, And I was not disappointed at all. We think you did an excellent job and love how detailed your work and reports looked. 100% satisfied.” – Shatima B., 4-12-17

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