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Our Services

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Residential Inspection

The home will be inspected by a Certified Inspection Expert in substantial conformity to the Alabama Standards of Practice for Home Inspectors. These include: Structure, Roof, Building Exterior and Interior, Attic Areas, Electrical Systems, Plumbing Systems, HVAC Systems.
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Commercial Inspection

Inspection of Light Industrial, Commercial, Church, Restaurant, Business and Office Properties, performed by a CCPIA Certified Inspector in substantial conformity to the International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Properties.

Moisture Investigation

Inspection to determine the source(s) of water intrusion into the building envelope. Thermal imaging and electronic moisture meters are used when applicable.


We will inspect the repairs that were agreed upon by the Buyer and the Seller.
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Roof Inspection

Inspection of the roof covering, sidewall flashings, chimney flashings, valley flashings, skylights, etc. by a Certified Inspection Expert.

Thermal Imaging

Streaming thermal imaging with an infrared camera is used to find overheating electrical components, moisture, insulation deficiencies, problems with air duct systems, and outside air infiltration.

Pre-Market Inspection

Timing is everything!  The time to deal with home inspection repair items is before a sales contract has been signed.  Have repairs done by your contractor, at your price, and at your convenience. Includes a 5-Year Roof Leak Protection Plan and a 120-Day Warranty that transfers to your Purchaser (only transferable with a Pre-Market Inspection). 
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Structural Inspection

Inspection of the structural members of a residence to determine extent of damages done by Wood Destroying Organisms (termites, powder post beetles, carpenter ants, wood-decaying fungus). Thermal imaging is used when applicable.

Mold Testing

Collection of samples of visible mold by swabs or tape, collection of airborne mold spores by pumping air through spore trap cassettes.  Samples are tested by a professional laboratory.
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